High Pressure Ionic Filtration Shower Head


– Removes all bacteria and dangerous chemicals, When showering we breathe dangerous chemicals & absorb them through our skin.

– Our filtered shower head removes bacteria, heavy metals, chlorine, chloramine & fluoride, resulting in improved circulation, immunity,
energy levels, mental clarity & overall wellness.

– The specially developed Shower Head is made from the highest quality materials that are built to last.

– Improves water pressure by 200% and saves up to 35% water

– Shower Head is equipped with 180 tiny laser-cut water holes, resulting in luxurious high pressure water while still looking after the
environment by saving as much as 35% water.

– Saving the environment, while saving money at the same time.

– Removable cleaning prevents clogging.

– Three effluent effects can be adjusted to allow you to enjoy a relaxing shower.

– With negative ion activated ceramic balls, far infrared mineralized balls and antibacterial.

– Remove 97% residual chlorine and heavy metals in the water.

– Can be used as a garden sprinkler.

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Featuring Three Shower Modes: Rainfall, Massage, and Jetting & 2 Layers of Filters in the Shower Head to Get a Spa Shower Experience in Your Bathroom. Designed with LUV Current-limiting technology: Delivers high-pressure water-saving performance, up to 30% water saving and 200% water speed increasing than typical faucet pressure with steady water flow.

Solid and Durable design: Solid build, No leaks. The design of a transparent high-density filter and it’s perspective are easy to disassemble and clean.Negative Ion Technology:Softens and purifies shower water to eliminate dry, flaky skin. Make your skin and hair smoother and softer. Easy Installation: Connect to any Standard Hose in Seconds, and You’re Ready To Go.